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Facebook acquires a photo sharing application (Instagram)

The world’s biggest social-networking service provider- Facebook is ready to buy Instagram (a mobile photo sharing application) for about $1billion in cash and stocks which is its biggest acquisition. Because of this, users can stores their personal history, and shores … Continue reading

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Facebook and Google- Diverting From Each Others’ Primary Realms

As we know that Facebook and Google have been on separate leagues from each other but the recent results shows that these two internet giants have been gradually and slowly going into the kingdom of each other’s. In the world … Continue reading

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Imitation of Twitter’s Verification Process by Facebook on its Celebrities’ Authenticated Account

Because of the continuously propagated popularity of social media platforms and digital media marketing among the domestic users, corporate bodies and high profile individuals, Facebook is under processing to present authenticated accounts for celebrities introducing the latest features by imitating … Continue reading

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Facebook To Display Ads On Gambling, Lottery, And Dietary Supplements

It must be noted that Facebook has set its Ad Guidelines regarding advertisements that belong to gambling, lottery, and dietary supplement categories. These ads can not appear in Facebook pages. However, Facebook has recently made some changes on its Ad … Continue reading

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Facebook is always innovating. It always has new features and applications to announce. Recently it has come up with another service that its users will find really helpful – the Facebook’s mobile messaging service. This new service was announced at … Continue reading

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MG Siegler of TechCrunch claims to have discovered Facebook’s iPad app. This application has long been waited by Facebook users as well as iPad users. This is a discovery and not an official release by Facebook. This social media giant … Continue reading

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Facebook has become more attractive nowadays with its new feature – video chatting. This is not something that is really shocking at all. In fact, it is even more surprising that this feature has just recently been introduced. Many have … Continue reading

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Is There Really A Decline In The Number Of Facebook Users?

A report from Inside Facebook has surfaced claiming that Facebook, the world’s biggest social network at the moment according to Alexa, is facing a decline in the number of users particularly in countries where this social network has become part … Continue reading

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