Various Effective Link Sources

Various Effective Link Sources
One of the search engine optimization’s corner stone is link building as it is very effective for increasing the page ranking and even your traffic when done correctly. Doing link building correctly, for SEO companies and SEO consultants, means that you have to create only quality links, although quality of links may also help in increase your website traffic quality is a supreme consideration. Quality links are trusted by search engines thus it is significant to create such type of links. Spammy links over the internet may lead to poor quality of search results thus the trusting quality links is the search engine way to preventing the explosion of these spammy links.

These are the different link resources:
It is not easy to build quality links because it requires an analysis over websites from where you are trying to build link. Spammy links may harm your website ranking thus it is important to know the different link resources that you could gain links from in order to make sure that you are only getting quality links to your website.

Directory sites:
Reliable, long time existing and high pr websites are consider as the source of quality links.

Link exchange:
Obtaining links from the same niche websites as yours is important and considered as a high quality link. If you wish that the other website maintain a link to your website then it is necessary that you also link back to the website you are linking to.

Press release writing:
Press release is also helpful for getting quality links to your website. There are several press release sites where you can post your press release articles but your article must be an actual press release and not just an article in order to have your press release accepted in the different press release websites.
Besides the methods that are mentioned above, you can create or gain links by writing an effective and compelling blog post or article which when shared via social network would make such article viral.

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