Google’s Confirmation for its Latest Panda 3.6 Update

The recent Google’s Panda update on 27th April, 2012 has been the quickest in terms of the gap between two Panda update. Google announces the new Google Panda 3.6 update just 8 days after its Panda 3.5 release. It will not affect a large percentage of websites as it is a limited update or we can say- a fairly minor data refresh update. Google claims that the aim of its recent update is to ensure the highest quality results are delivered to its users. This new update focuses on providing up to date, relevant or informative content to search engine users.

Google’s authority said about its latest Panda 3.6 update: “We’re continuing to iterate on our Panda algorithm as part of our commitment to returning high-quality sites to Google users. This most recent update is one of the over 500 changes we make to our ranking algorithms each year.” The ratio of this latest fresh update shows that the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) landscape is subject to a change, not only unexpectedly but also far more rapidly than it has perhaps in the past. According to Search Engine Optimization news site, a statement was published by Google which made it clear that Panda Update continues to be a subject to iteration. This new move of Google i.e. its latest Panda 3.6 update will deliver the highest quality results.

Google facilitates monthly reports on their updates and changes that are made to their services at Google HQ. It also makes a use of over 200 different devices to ensure that they are continuously publishing relevant & informative content for their users. Now, the Panda remains one of the most significant up to date for Search Engine Optimization.

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Blog Writing Plays a Important Role in SEO

These days, one can observe that there are various new trends which are being implemented while creating and optimizing a website. And most of the websites specially e-commerce websites incorporate blog pages in their sites. Do you know- why is there a blog page in an e-commerce website?

This is all because of the process of search engine optimization (SEO) as it is one of the greatest ways to increase the ranking of websites. Google and other major search engines give more emphasis to those websites with fresh and original contents while website ranking. The websites that appear in the first page of Google’s Search Engine Results Page (SERP) would have high share of traffic and of course a higher share of revenue as well. Search engine users feel that the websites which are found in the first page of a search engine result page is the most relevant sites based on their keyword search and provide the most relevant information to them.

Reason to incorporate blog:

The time for static web content is gone as we know Google and other major search engines keep on changing in their search engine ranking algorithm from time to time. And one of the change in Google ranking algorithm is Google freshness in which the new algorithm pay more attention & give importance to those websites that continuously incorporate fresh content into their websites. Blogs include regularly updated original contents that also draw attention for many potential web uses. So, by constantly incorporating fresh content in the website makes it dynamic in which the information and its context keeps on changing with the most relevant data.

Therefore, blog writing is genuinely an essential part of the search engine optimization (SEO). While writing blog, one should keep in mind that the content is unique, original, fresh with the most relevant information being incorporated.

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The Role of Social Media in Increasing Website Traffic

Today, everyone is well aware that the search engine ranking algorithm keeps on changing from time to time which obviously would cause the de-ranking of any website on the internet resulting loss of revenue for the targeted website. Because of this fact, SEO consultants keep on searching other dynamic means for optimizing the traffic of websites on the major search engines. Among the most effective alternatives for improving the traffic of websites is the exploitation “Social Media” in the right ways.

The evolution of Facebook, Twitter and other online social networking platforms and their ever increasing popularity have blown the online market and have been successful while playing one of the major roles as an effective source of online traffic. Today, social media has created one of the most reliable online marketplaces for promoting new business brands thereby increasing the online traffic channels for web promotion as well. But optimization of websites through social media also needs substantial amount of time and hardworking.

Social Media and its Power:

Online social media is one of the most powerful tools for introducing and promoting brand new products inducing high success rate. It is due to the fact that social media lets different people from around the world interact, share interests, promote services and products as well. After you have created an online social media community, you can easily promote your new product with member of your friend list and you can also keep on updating about your services & products from time to time.

In order to make social media an efficient and effective online platform, you can try the following tasks:

1. Start Conversations:

After you have logged in, it is really important to initiate conversations with members in your friend list or community by starting with something interesting that might draw the attentions of your community members towards you and then you share or start promotions any of your product or service.

2. Actual & Authentic Social Media Profile:

You must have an actual & authentic profile while creating a social media account in a network. It is for the fact that displaying your actual profile & picture would be the best way to attract people and gain their trust.

3. Try Blogging:

Blogging is also one of the best online media where people write, post & keep updating from their actual experiences. So, it is considered to be a reliable platform for promoting products and services.


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The Needs of Quality Contents in SEO

As per the latest updates in Google’s algorithm for search engine page ranking, quality content is considered to be the most crucial element in the process of search engine optimization (SEO). In its Panda update early last year as well as in its currently updated search engine ranking algorithm- Penguin, Google has been focusing on the quality web content. Therefore, quality content is genuinely important and should be a primary motivation in order to speed up and get your website indexed on the first page of search engines delivering relevant information to the users.

What is Quality Content?Quality content may be defined as any sort of online writing which is unique, authentic, informative and stimulating with specific keyword density such as quality article/blog writings, etc. The quality of the content can further be standardized by implementing various methods & strategies.

The following are some of the major aspects for a quality content writing:> There should not be any grammatical errors & no spelling mistakes.> Keywords or key-phrases should be included with specific density and should also be placed at strategic locations throughout the content.> The sentence structures cohesively should make sense and informative within the context.> The content should be original and authentic and must not include any copied or duplicate content.

Why Write Quality Content?The primary reasons on why we should write quality contents are as follows:>> Quality contents are important not only to improve the search engine ranking but also to deliver quality information to the users through internet.>> It is significantly important to write quality content as it includes proper keyword density which is relevant to the search terms used while searching information via search engines.Therefore, quality content should be the primary motivation in a search engine optimization (SEO) process.

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Negative SEO – the Reverse of Search Engine Optimization

The process of reducing the page ranking in the search engine results or we can say- the reverse of search engine optimization is know as the negative SEO. It involves several black hat methods that are known to be penalized by Google or other search engines. And such methods are applied on competitors’ website in order to decrease their ranking.

Reasons for using negative SEO:

  • Downgrade your competitor’s site
  • Hide bad news about yourself or your company

The following are the different negative SEO strategies:

By revealing the different negative SEO strategies, it does not mean that SEO companies or SEO Consultants start to use or implement such strategies to harm their competitors. It is just for the knowledge so that you can prevent your site from being a victim of negative SEO.

  • Virus Infection: A virus or Trojan which surreptitiously add into your website, will lower the trust rating of the infected site that means your site will become unreliable.
  • Duplicate Content: As we know many websites are de-ranked because of duplicate content which is against the Google’s latest update. So incorporating duplicate content is also a part of negative SEO. This negative SEO is done by creating a site with the same content as your competitor. By doing this Google and other search engine will interpret the victim’s site as the duplicate site thus de-ranking.
  • Revising the Robot.txt: Some unscrupulous people can access your robot.txt file and block Google & other search engines to crawl your website. Thus it is important to secure the location of your website files and make sure that your website’s security systems are all up and running smoothly.


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Ways to Recover from Google Penguin Hit

As we know, on 24th April Google launched its Penguin update that has resulted in de-indexing of various websites. The main purpose of this update is to “help searchers find sites that provide a great user experience and fulfill their information needs”. If your site is also hit by Google Penguin update and you want to overcome the effect then there are several ways that you can use in order to prevent your site from de-ranking.

The following are some of the ways to recover from Google Penguin Hit:

If your site is hit by Google penguin update up to 3% then it becomes essential to retrace your SEO steps from content development to link building.

  • Identification of duplicate content in your website: Delete the content from your website that are copied from somewhere else or spinned.
  • Identify Low Quality Links: Avoid low quality links means that are from link farms or from bad neighborhood sites. After the latest Google update it becomes important to avoid black hat link building techniques.
  • Avoid hidden text/links
  • Use proper keyword density
  • Avoid keyword stuffing/ spamming/clocking

If your site was affected by the Google’s latest update- Google Penguin and you can’t find any simple reason to confirm that your site should have affected then you can fill a form to inform Google to claim justification.



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Google’s Latest Update – Targeting Unnatural Link Building Strategies by Google Penguin

As we know Google’s ranking algorithm has been updated whose purpose is to target those websites that are using web spam techniques in order to increase their ranking in different search engines. According to Google, Penguin will isolate and penalize those websites that are utilizing such web spamming techniques. Google’s Penguin algorithm update keeps emphasis on the use of contents that are meaningless or poorly written as well as spin content. But content is not only the focus of Google’s penguin update, it also focuses on different link building techniques that are considered to be of low quality and are just used to manipulate the search engines.

These are the following link building strategies that Google Penguin targets:

  • Spam Comments: According to Penguin Update, links from blog commenting is considered as unnatural and spammy.
  • Paid Links: Such types of links are also considered as spamming techniques for the reason that Google sees it as a strategy to manipulate page ranking instead of making the link as a vote to the website.
  • Bad neighborhood links: Links from low quality sites especially from those websites that are considered to be spammy and are known to be containing malwares. Such types of links also the cause of decreasing site ranking according to Google Penguin.
  • Blog Networks: Blog networks are also considered as a link scheme strategy that is used to increase website ranking. These blog networks include contents that do not give any considerable information as well as spinned or copied from somewhere else. Such type of content is the target point of Google Penguin update that will become the cause of de-ranking of the blog networks thus making their links invaluable.

Now it becomes essential for every SEO Companies to create high quality content and build quality links.

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Importance of SEO Monitoring and Maintenance

With the constant change in search engine algorithm, it becomes genuinely important to understand the complete process of SEO monitoring and maintenance in order to retain your website ranking among the top positions. SEO is a continuous process that requires monitoring and maintenance even after reaching the target goal. After reaching at the first page of Google or a specific ranking in the search engine results page, it does not mean that you will be retained at the specific posting. As we know that ranking in the search engine are dynamic, regular updates are required for the maintenance of Search Engine Optimization process.

Advantages of SEO Maintenance & Monitoring:

After Search Engine Optimization and Maintenance, the following are the benefits that your site could get:

  • Prevent your site from de-indexing:  A constant monitoring and maintenance of website as well as knowledge of latest algorithm changes can prevent your site from de-indexing.
  • Maintain your ranking: As we know that search engine result page is dynamic in nature because there are thousands of websites that are trying to rank their own on the top, it becomes essential to retain your ranking by using various techniques like constantly update high quality content, high quality links to your website etc.
  • Protect against negative SEO: To prevent your site from de-indexing it is necessary to avoid negative SEO that is black hat techniques that are used to increase your website’s ranking. Because of negative SEO, your site can be banned by search engines.

The process of SEO maintenance is not for the benefit of the SEO Company to earn money from clients but it is a method to protect your website from losing its ranking.

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Avoiding Link Building Schemes

To improve search engine results page, Google has made an announcement that there will be some changes in their search engine algorithm. According to the recent announcement, the new change in algorithm seeks to penalize over optimized websites & also for those participating in the different link building schemes. Link building is considered as the part of search engine optimization strategy of every SEO Company or SEO Consultant. There are two ways to build links: one is through a black hat way; and another is white hat way where search engine guidelines are followed to build links. With the complete knowledge of link building schemes, it becomes easier to achieve high ranking in the search engine result page.

These are the following link building schemes that must be avoided: 

  • Page rank manipulation: To increase the page rank of a target website, page rank manipulation link scheme is used. According to this scheme, a person builds links from websites with a high page rank even if site and its content are not relevant.
  • Excessive link exchange: Link exchange is considered as a link building schemes and according to this: a site makes a link to another website which in turns reciprocate the link to such site.
  • Spam Links: Spam links are defined as those links that are created from the link farms or any websites that are within the so called bad neighborhoods which is also considered as the link building scheme. It is easy to gain links from such sites however it is detrimental to your link building and SEO Campaign.
  • Purchasing links for purposes of passing page rank: Sometimes purchasing and selling links strategies are used to increase traffic & its purpose is to pass page rank. Such efforts are also considered as the link building scheme.
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Use Sitemap in the Proper Way

A site map generally refers as the list of website’s pages that contains links to every page of a website which helps visitors & search engine bots in order to find different pages within a website. It is the best way for a website owner to alert the search engines when new pages are integrated in the website.

Benefits of site map in SEO:

Sitemap is usually created to congregate the links within your website that helps to illustrate the information about your website’s structure that determines how the pages or posts in your site are associated. Search engine crawlers utilize these links as a gateway to another page which helps them to easily access your website’s different pages. Sitemap is also a great tool for search engine crawlers to gather all the information about the website as well as assist them to properly index your site.

These are the following major benefits of using Sitemap in SEO:

• Helps with site navigation
• Indexing becomes easier for search engines
• Speed up indexing
• Nested pages get indexed
• Enhance link building campaign
• Improve page rank

The following aspects are essential to keep in consideration:

• Use XML sitemaps: Sitemap are generally of two types: HTML & XML. XML sitemaps are intended for search engines which help them to index appropriate pages from the website.
• Sitemap Submission: After creating sitemap, the next step is to submit it in various search engines like Google, Bing etc that would assist to alert the search engine regarding any new update in your website.
• Include XML sitemap in robot.txt file

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